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Hi there everyone! My name is Marios and I have been a bibliophile About Meever since I remember myself!

I enjoy reading more than anything in the world. I have read many books in any genre anyone can imagine, graphic novels, politics, history, help-yourself books, sports books as well as encyclopedias (printed – I’m THAT old 😛 ), newspapers, magazines, you name it, I’ve read it!

Spending time in bookstores browsing titles and searching for a new, exciting read, is one of my favorite pastimes, just like others watch sports or do shopping.

Meanwhile, while I was growing up, I developed an interest in technology and gadgets. I’ve had my first PC at the age of 15 (a humble 386SX at 25 MHz with 2 Megabytes of memory and 40 Megabytes Hard Disk, with DOS and Windows 3.0, no CD-ROM, no sound), and I started exploring the new, magic, world, how else? By reading! Books and magazines (as well as discussing with friends) were the only ways of getting information those days. I still have piles of books and magazines about computers and technology, dating back to the days that being online meant signing in to electronic BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) on snail-low speeds. And then came…

The Internet, Smartphones, Tablets… eBooks!

I got online as soon as the Internet became popular, bought my first smartphone in 2003, never looking back, and my first tablet – an iPad, as soon as it was launched. Still being a bookworm and a tech aficionado, I realised that I could read books and magazines electronically, on a screen, without having to take with me piles of books or magazines when I go on holidays, at the beach or on a plane, or having to actually buy a physical newspaper or magazine (and then having to throw it away for recycling). That is where I fell in love with eBooks and their technology!

So that is where this effort comes in; a site, which allows you to learn, demystify and unleash the power of eBooks. This will help you find -and buy- eBooks easily, read more efficiently and more effectively on a variety of devices, from PCs to tablets, to smartphones and dedicated devices known as eBook readers (or e-Readers). Not only that, It will provide information on the various eBook formats as well as ways to store, manage and even create and publish your own eBooks online!

In the event that you ever require any criticism or support with respect to your eBook quest, I would be more than glad to help. Just leave your comment beneath and ensure you visit my site frequently as I am continually upgrading it with the insane “ideas” and “information” that I run over that I know you will discover intriguing.

Wishing you the best on this great eBook journey, and thanks for checking this site!





Founder of Everything About eBooks






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