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Amazon brings Audible to its basic Kindle

Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis has some cool new features. It’s waterproof, however, and it also supports Audible (provided that have a set of Bluetooth headphones or speakers nearby).

According to an Amazon site listing, it looks as even though that feature is coming to its $79 Kindle as well.

In line with the Kindle’s product web page, it will support Audible “within the coming months.” It looks as though it’ll do something that resembles the Oasis: since the gadget doesn’t come fitted with an audio system, users will have to pair the device on their own, using Bluetooth. The page states that the feature will be available as an OTA update at some point in the near future.

Unluckily, it looks like only the new Oasis and the basic model is getting the update: the $120 Paperwhite and the $200 Voyage don’t appear to support it- there is no mention of Audible support on the respective products’ websites -although both have Bluetooth chips and are compatible with the Kindle Audio Adapter (a small device that plugs into the USB port and has a 3.5mm headphone jack).

Amazon alsoowns Audible, so integration between the Kindle and audiobook business makes fairly a little of sense, in particular as audiobooks have taken off in popularity in recent years. Audible has additionally begun producing its own, normal content material, akin to James Patrick Kelley’s mom Go or John Scalzi’s The Dispatcher, which skill that Audible contributors will soon be in a position to make all their purchases on one device.

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