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Google search now shows eBooks in local libraries

Google has added a new feature to Search that will show you if your local library has the ebook you’re looking for in stock. If you’re old like me and didn’t know that you could borrow ebooks, well you can, and many libraries across the US have a digital collection that you can borrow from.

This new feature works on both mobile and desktop and manifests simply. If you search for the title of a book, you’ll see one of two things. On desktop search, there’s an additional heading in the detailed results/information card on the right. But on mobile, it’s buried in the Get Book tab, just under the Buy ebook card.

Now you don’t have to bother searching in every library’s website to find the book you’ve longed to read — Google will do that for you.  According to Google,  the feature is now available on both mobile and desktop to users in the US.

Since I do not reside in the US, I wasn’t able to test the feature. But, it works, according to Android Police.

Over to you

Being able to borrow eBooks directly using Google search is a great option for us bookworms. So, go ahead, try it, and write your impressions in the comments below!







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