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How to Upload a Book to Kindle using Amazon’s Send To Kindle

Besides the eBooks you may purchase and download from Kindle Store, many times you have other Books or documents, stored on other electronic media, such as PCs or external hard disks, which you want to Send To Kindle.

The best way to do this is by utilizing Amazon’s Send To Kindle feature.

Send To Kindle is a complete solution when you want to upload a book to Kindle.

There are solutions for Send To Kindle through a browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Extensions), through your Desktop (Send To Kindle for PC and Send To Kindle for Mac) as well as through email (Send To Kindle for email) and Android smartphones (Send to Kindle For Android).

In this tutorial, we will go through Send to Kindle for PC, Send To Kindle for Google Chrome and Send to Kindle for Email.

Send to Kindle For PC

In order to use Send to Kindle for PC, you need to go to the respective website.

Send To Kindle for PC website


Click on “Download” to download the application. Then click “Run” to install. If a window like the one shown below pops up, click “Yes” to start the installation.

User Access Control Dialog


When the installation is complete, the following window will appear. Click “Finish” to finish the installation.

Installation Compete Dialog


There are three ways to upload files to Kindle using Send To Kindle, as shown below

Send To Kindle Using Right-click
Send to Kindle using Print Dialog
Send To Kindle using Drag-and-drop

Finally, in the application screen, you can change the book’s Title and Author as well as select to which devices you want to upload the eBook.

Send To Kindle Screen


Send to Kindle For Google Chrome


First, you have to navigate to the web page shown below

Send To Kindle for Chrome Web Page

Then Click “Download”

The Google Chrome Store Screen for “Send To Kindle” Extention is displayed. Press “Add To Chrome” Button and then “Add Extension”

Send To Kindle Extension in Google Chrome Store

Afterward, a new tab will open on Google Chrome, prompting you to Sign In with your Amazon credentials. When you do this, the Setup Screen appears:

Send To Kindle for Chrome Setup


Make the changes you want and Click “Save”, for your changes to be saved.

Upload To Kindle

In order to Send to Kindle, you first have to navigate to the web page you want to upload. Then Click the Send To Kindle extension Icon as shown below


If you press “Preview and Send”, the following screen appears. It allows you to see how the web page appears on your Kindle device, as well as change Title and Author.

Send To Kindle for Google Chrome Program Manager












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