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When I use ebooks, audiobooks and printed books

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ebooks, audiobooks and printed books

As we know, there are three ways to consume a book: ebooks, audiobooks and printed books. Each one has its advantages and its disadvantages. OK, some people swear on printed (traditional) books, and consider the other forms inferior. For me, this is a matter of use for each one of them. I think that each format has its advantages and disadvantages, and I will try to explain here when do I use audiobooks, ebooks and printed books.

Let’s start!


I don’t listen to audiobooks much personally. I prefer listening to podcasts to audiobooks because I like to be a hundred per cent focused when I am consuming books. Listening to audiobooks, especially while driving, I might miss some important information. I prefer doing that while walking, where I can be more focused. And still, I might be distracted and, going back and forth isn’t exactly the audiobook’s strong point. Furthermore, I prefer listening to podcasts when driving or walking, because I get more, and different, ideas while on the move, and leave the books for reading only – either in printed format or in ebook format.

That said, I prefer listening to audiobooks that don’t need much thinking, or taking notes. The narration plays a big part here. For example, if the author is a great narrator as well, such as Kevin Hart’s “The Decision”, then I will definitely go for it. Generally, I’d go for an audiobook if it’s narrated well, and the ideas flow without having to think much, or having to note, or mark anything. I can also listen to the fiction/literature genre, provided that the plot flows without complications, or going back and forth,

Printed Books

I mostly read non-fiction books. Business, Finance, Self-improvement, etc. Many of these books might require the reader to answer some questions, or be used as a reference, This is where printed books excel, in my opinion, The ability to go back and forth in the book and re-read some sections, or the ability to jot down something in the book with a pen or a pencil. Also, there are books that are not available in any digital format (especially in my native Greek language), therefore the traditional book is the only option.


eBooks are my favourite book format. I have written an entire post in order to explain why I prefer ebooks over printed books, so I won’t elaborate on that here. Here I’ll state when do I use eBooks. The first is fiction. Easy reading. Relaxing reading. Novels, fiction, biographies, and other books where reading is flowing effortlessly. A book that I can read anyplace. Since I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, I can find many books and magazines to read. On my Kindle Paperwhite, or the Kindle apps for my mobile and tablet. There I can bookmark and note any parts of the book I consider important, in order to revisit them at any time. I can also see which book excerpts other readers are highlighting, which is interesting knowing what the crowd likes or considers important in the book.


As you can see, there are many ways to consume a book, and, as far as I’m concerned, each way has its advantages and disadvantages. So, tell us in the comments below, which one do you prefer, and why?

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